Special Dogs & More

Special Dogs By Special People


Our Mission:

At Special Dogs and More the mentally and intellectually challenged get the opportunity to gain employment through on the job training. They have been told, “You can not do that”, or “You won’t be able to do that”. Well, we are here to tell you that they CAN do it.

Our mission is to train and help the mentally and intellectually challenged get the skills needed to gain employment. Over 70% of all disabled are unemployed. Over 80% of all intellectually challenged area unemployed. With proper training, support, and self-confidence they WILL be able to hold a job. We will help teach them skills such as: cleaning, cooking, teamwork, life skills, social skills, & much more

Our goal is to help our team members gain either part-time or full-time employment where deemed possible. We will not give up on those that need our help and accept it.

Please help support our mission and what we stand for. They are worth it! Together we can help them succeed. Never give up!